Who Is NWS

Northwest Supplements is headquartered in Abbotsford, Canada. NWS serves customers in every corner of the industry, from nutrition to herbal remedies/supplements to pharmaceuticals and more. Our facility and offices are strategically located to maximize efficiency in transport time and costs when importing and distributing our products.

Industry professionals know the company to call when they need to reduce costs, avoid production delays, solve supply problems and procure ingredients of uncompromising quality. Northwest Supplements is a trusted name and continues to benefit its users.

  • A technology-based importer and distributor with an extensive range of products including raw and finished natural health products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and over-the counter pharmaceuticals.
  • A world-class supplier of ingredients and finished products to the Pharmaceutical and NHP industry.
  • An agile and adaptable innovator whose supply solutions can dramatically reduce costs and improve processes.
  • Industry professionals with extensive experience and education in Pharmacy, Chemistry, and food sciences.